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What Chess Set Is Used In the World Chess Championship Match

Obsessed chess fans probably noticed that come World Chess Championship, Magnus Carlsen always uses the same chess pieces, no matter who is sitting in the chair in front of him — Vishy Anand

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Chess Gets Its Own Sunglasses In Time for the Championship Match in Dubai

World Chess is proud to unveil the first ever official chess sunglasses in time for the FIDE World Chess Championship Match that opens in Dubai today

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Customer Review of the Official World Chess Academy Set

Below we feature a World Chess Shop customer Piotr Zbierajewski review of the official World Chess Academy Set...

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Time to Say Dubai: a Slogan, a Tweet, a Towel

Dubai, the most populous city in the UAE, billed itself as a tourist destination for decades, and ‘Time to Say Dubai’ slogan was used by the tourism industry to promote the palmy hub with the world’s tallest

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The Most Exciting Chess Shop in the World to Open in New York

World Chess, FIDE commercial partner, together with Algorand, a leading blockchain accelerating the convergence of decentralized and traditional finance

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