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Gukesh sacrifices his queen against Magnus Carlsen in Round 4 of Norway Chess

In Round 4 of Norway Chess the young Indian prodigy, Gukesh Dommaraju, drew his classical game against the former World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, and lost an epic Armageddon game afterwards where he sacrificed

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Unleashing a Chess Storm: Berlin is ready for the Armageddon Series: Europe & Africa

World Chess, a leading chess organization, seeks to captivate chess enthusiasts with its upcoming Europe and Africa week of the Armageddon Championship Series

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Carlsen and Firouzja lose to Caruana and Gukesh in Round 1 of Norway Chess 2023

It was a “bloody” day at Norway Chess yesterday as World No.1 and 2, Magnus Carlsen and Alireza Firouzja, lost the first classical game of the tournament against Fabiano Caruana and Gukesh respectively

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Indian chess prodigy Gukesh D. turns 17!

Indian chess prodigy, the youngest player ever to defeat Magnus Carlsen, the youngest Indian player to cross 2700 and break into World Top 100, and the World Chess Armageddon

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Norway Chess 2023: All you need to know

Norway Chess is one of the world’s most prestigious and strongest chess tournaments since 2013, hosted in Stavanger

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