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7 posts   See also:  Main feature   News   Algorand   Match 2021   shop Joins the Armageddon Series as the Official Partner, a domain registry, has become the official partner of the Armageddon Championship Series, elite chess tournaments developed for TV broadcasting and organized by World Chess

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Chess Gets Its Own Sunglasses In Time for the Championship Match in Dubai

World Chess is proud to unveil the first ever official chess sunglasses in time for the FIDE World Chess Championship Match that opens in Dubai today

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World Chess NFT Drop: Free, Beatiful, Linked to a Chess Position

When it comes to chess NFTs, there are now so many options that it can be hard to know what exactly you need

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The Official World Chess Championship Sets to be Certified as NFT on Algorand

World Chess and Algorand, a Boston-based blockchain company founded by Turing award winner Silvio Micali, will produce a limited edition of the official World Chess Championship sets

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First Ever Chess-Focused Sports Agency Launched

World Chess, the company behind the game-changing rise in the popularity of chess and the organizer of the recent Chess Championship Matches in New York and London...

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