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Compete with players in online tournaments, win prizes and earn FOA rating recognized by FIDE
Compete with players in online tournaments, win prizes and earn FOA rating recognized by FIDE




Dive into the heart of chess with the FIDE Online Arena, the only online platform where chess aficionados can earn FIDE-recognized titles. Operated by World Chess, this platform brings the thrill of real tournaments into the digital realm, welcoming players with both free and premium options to enhance their chess journey.

At the FIDE Online Arena, every player finds their place, from seasoned masters to those just starting. Free registration lets you step into the game immediately, with the option to pursue official FIDE Online Arena ratings and titles by subscribing to a paid membership. As your skills improve, so does your chance to earn the prestigious FIDE Arena International Master title, awarded as your FOA rating crosses the 1700 mark.

The Arena is more than just a place to play; it's a community where learning and competition merge seamlessly.

Engage with elite chess players through exclusive monthly video streams, offering insights and strategies to elevate your game. Test your tactical abilities by playing multiple games at once or solving challenging puzzles to sharpen your skills.

Tournaments are the Arena's heartbeat, with options for every level of play. PRO members can enter FIDE Online Arena rated tournaments, while World Chess rated tournaments are open to all, ensuring everyone has a chance to compete and grow.

Personalization is key in the FIDE Online Arena. Customize your board, choose colors that match your mood, and immerse yourself in a chess experience that feels uniquely yours.

Join the FIDE Online Arena today: where passion meets strategy, and every game is a step towards chess mastery. Embrace the opportunity to learn, compete, and connect with a global community. Your chess odyssey begins here.