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Time to Say Dubai: a Slogan, a Tweet, a Towel

Dubai, the most populous city in the UAE, billed itself as a tourist destination for decades, and ‘Time to Say Dubai’ slogan was used by the tourism industry to promote the palmy hub with the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

When Magnus Carlsen, the World Chess Champion, learned that he will be playing Ian Nepo for the World Championship title later this year, he tweeted the familiar ‘Time to Say Dubai’ slogan, referring to the 14-round Championship Match that is scheduled for November 2021 in Dubai as part of the World Expo.

The expression seems very familiar not only because many have seen it in the magazines, but also because it’s a play on the Andrea Bocelli hit song (60 mln views on YouTube!) Time to Say Goodbye. Chess conspiracy theorists even speculate that Carlsen hints that this might be his last Championship match in its current form.

Without reading too much into this (very sad) song, World Chess is happy to introduce the graphics that celebrate the upcoming Dubai Championship Match and the fact that all eyes will be on the epic battle between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepo, his long-time friend, competitor, and peer.

The ‘Time to Say Dubai’ graphics, designed by Masterskaya for World Chess, will be released as a capsule merchandise collection that includes beach towels — it’s Dubai, after all. The graphics will also be released under Creative Commons license for chess organizers, sites, and broadcasters to use in broadcast designs. It’s done so that it can complement the official logo of the event when it’s released later this year.

Time to Say Dubai graphics and identity will also be used for the official World Chess Championship sets that will be released in conjunction with the World Chess Championship Match.

‘Time to Say Dubai’ merchandise line will be available in the World Chess Shop and in partner shops around the world
T-shirts and sweatshirts are a staple of the collection
2021 Packaging of the World Chess Championship Set

Chess broadcasters and media which would like to use the graphics in their broadcasts and designs related to the Match are welcome to request high-resolution files at

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