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Peruvian Chess Players Qualify For The Armageddon Championship Series

In a thrilling display of skill and strategy, two chess players from Peru have earned their place in the prestigious Armageddon Championship Series...

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Matthias Bluebaum and Alexander Donchenko Qualified for Armageddon

Two German Grandmasters have qualified for the Armageddon Series via a grueling online tournament. They pocketed €10,000 in winnings and joined the elite Armageddon Series — a chess tournament that will

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Armageddon Online Cups: Results for the third tournaments

The third tournaments in the Armageddon Online Cups were intense and exciting. Meet our winners

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Armageddon Online Cups: Results for the second tournaments

The qualifying phase of the €460,000 Armageddon Championship Series continues on the FIDE Online Arena with more than 700 people already participating

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Armageddon Championship Series: Everything you need to know

Armageddon, the most dramatic chess series, starts on October 22 on the FIDE Online Arena

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