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Ian Nepomniachtchi

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Ian Nepomniachtchi at the FIDE World Chess Grand Prix. Nepo won the Grand Prix Series, later he won the Candidates tournament and is currently the challenger to the World Champion title. The Match will take place in November 2021.

Ian Nepomniachtchi is a Russian Grandmaster, currently #4 in the world according to FIDE’s rating list. After winning the 2021 Candidates Tournament, he will be the challenger in the World Chess Championship Match against the incumbent champion Magnus Carlsen.

The FIDE World Championship Match 2023 will be held in Astana

The city of Astana, Kazakhstan will play host to the FIDE World Championship Match 2023, taking place from April 7th to May 1st

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Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi changed during the World Rapid Championship in Almaty

Magnus Carlsen was late for the first game of the World Rapid Championship in Almaty, arriving at the board 30 seconds before the end of the allotted time

Carlsen: Nepo Was Criminally Underrated

In a brief interview after the Candidates Tournament, the World Champion said that Nepo, who ended up winning the tournament, was ‘criminally underrated’

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Nepomniachtchi is the 2023 Challenger… against Carlsen?

GM Ian Nepomniachtchi entered Round 13 of the 2022 Candidates Tournament leading with a +2 advantage over Ding Liren and Hikaru Nakamura

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Nepo Wins the Candidates. He is the Challenger, Again

After drawing with Rapport in Round 13, Nepo, the Russian GM, wins the Candidates Tournament and becomes the challenger again...

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