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Matthias Bluebaum and Alexander Donchenko Qualified for Armageddon

Two German Grandmasters have qualified for the Armageddon Series via a grueling online tournament. They pocketed €10,000 in winnings and joined the elite Armageddon Series — a chess tournament that will be televised globally and feature the strongest chess players in the world.

Photos: Georgios Souleidis and John Saunders

On January 8, the FIDE Online Arena played host to the latest round of the Armageddon Online Final: Europe & Africa, a competitive online chess tournament that saw top grandmasters as well as amateurs players from across the continent compete for an unprecedented prize fund of €10,000.

Germany’s GM Matthias Bluebaum emerged as the tournament’s winner, taking home the top prize of €3,000. GM Alexander Donchenko came in second place, earning €2,000 for his efforts. The remaining €5,000 prize fund was shared among 18 players.

In addition to their cash prizes, both winners will also receive coveted spots in the Armageddon Championship Series, set to take place later this year in Berlin, where they will compete against elite chess players for a €400 000 total prize fund.

The Armageddon Championship Series is an innovative global chess event where elite chess players compete under immense time pressure in thrilling blitz and Armageddon matches. The series includes live play-by-play commentary, in-depth sideline coverage as well as interactive elements, such as heartbeat and stress level, that enhance the viewing experience. The matches will be broadcast live on World Chess Channels and on various television platforms. The format has been specifically developed by World Chess to bring chess on live television and bring it to millions of viewers.

What’s to watch next: The next Armageddon Online Final: Americas will take place on January 15th at 21:00 UTC with commentary from GM Evgenij Miroshnichenko and David Vizgan, a host of the well-known Chess Podcast. The tournament will showcase the region’s online talents as well as top players including GM Grigoriy Oparin, GM Elshan Moradiabadi, GM Andrew Tang, and famous chess streamer IM Eric Rosen as they compete for their chance at glory and €10,000 prize fund.

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