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Watching Chess The Right Way — In The Roaring Crowd

Recently, most sporting events have had few or no fans in attendance because of the pandemic, no roaring crowds and cheering spectators. But for chess this was true even before the pandemic since you can’t make a sound while sitting in a darkened hall for hours, following the game and trying to guess the next move.

World Chess Club Moscow, the world’s trendiest chess club and bar, has reinvented the chess watching experience for the Candidates Tournament this spring, making it feel like a sport again (which it surely is). For 9 nights straight, there was cheering, roaring, drinking, move-guessing, and more cheering when it became clear that a Russian Grandmaster was winning the tournament and would have a chance to become a world champion.

Guests were playing chess and were following the live broadcast from Yekaterinburg.

The foam finger is the integral part of the sports experience, so the Candidates Tournament just had to have it.

Alexandra Galkova (Prytek alumni) and Nadia Panteleeva (World Chess) both holding the foam fingers for Nepo, who eventually won the tournament.

Some explaining of a complicated position. WCCM guests used the same official chess sets as the participants of the Candidates Tournament.

Bartenders served drinks made with Lindores Abbey base.

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