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Is ASMR chess a real thing?!

When the World Chess Championship set and ASMR come together, you can lay back and relax

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Buy a Chess Set — Plant a Tree

World Chess, a global gaming company, will from now on plant a tree for each chess set sold. Beautiful chess sets and beautiful forests can co-exist

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A Championship Chess Set That Fits Into One’s Apartment, Finally

World Chess, the company behind the most exciting chess events in the world as well as the iconic World Chess Championship set design, has been obsessed with putting chess sets in people’s homes

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Official Chess Pieces for the Candidates Tournament 2022

Did you know that candidates play with pieces designed by Daniel Weil for World Chess?

 1115   9 mo   Candidates 2022   World Chess Shop

New Product: Pocket Chess Set You’ll Actually Want to Own

Whether you’re a chess veteran or just starting your chess journey, having the right chess set is a must

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