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FIDE and World Chess Launch Women’s Wednesday Online Tournament Series

In a groundbreaking move to elevate women’s participation and recognition in the world of chess, the International Chess Federation...

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Paehtz, Khadem, Kosteniuk, and Dzagnidze fight for survival in Day 3 of the World Chess Armageddon, Women’s Week

Two days in the World Chess Armageddon Championship Series: Women’s Week in Berlin, and GM Koneru Humpy along with IMs Gunay Mammadzada, Alina Kashlinskaya

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GM Alejandro Ramirez Is Under Investigation for Sexual Abuse

“Time’s up.” tweeted WGM Jennifer Shahade on Wednesday the 15th of February, revealing that GM Alejandro Ramirez is currently under multiple investigations for sexual misconduct

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The Next Women’s World Champion is from China.

China’s Tan Zhongyi has claimed victory in the final game of the Women’s Candidates Pool B, defeating Russia’s Aleksandra Goryachkina in a closely-fought match

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Elisabeth Paehtz on women in chess

In an exclusive interview with World Chess, IM and WGM Elisabeth Paehtz talked about her positive experience as a female professional player in Germany over the past 4 years and acknowledged that everything

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