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Ian Nepomniachtchi

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Yes, Caruana — Nepo Game Ends in a Draw

The most important game of the tournament ended in a draw, cementing Nepo’s leading position but still giving Fabiano Caruana a distant chance to win the tournament and make FIDE officials happy

 1436   2022   Candidates 2022   Nepo

“Be a shark” Carlsen on Nepo, probably the 2023 Challenger

After his win on Round 7 of the 2022 Candidates Tournament against Richard Rapport, the Russian GM Ian Nepomniachtchi is the sole leader with the impressive score of 5

Nepomniachtchi won in Round 6 of the FIDE Candidates

Ian Nepomniachtchi won one more game in the Candidates Tournament. This time he defeated Jan-Krzysztof Duda

 984   2022   Breaking News   Candidates 2022   Main feature   Nepo

Nepo Wins Against Ding with Black

Nepo, the unlikely winner of the previous Candidates Tournament, won his first game as black against the most formidable opponent, Ding, and got an early lead With Black

 1848   2022   Candidates 2022   Main feature   Nepo

Nepo Beats Firouzja, Carlsen’s Preferred Opponent

Ian Nepomniachtchi (Nepo), Russian Grandmaster and 2021 Championship challenger, beat Alireza Firouzja with White in Round 2 of Superbet Chess Classic

 3418   2022   Afghanistan   Alireza Firouzja   Main feature   Nepo
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