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Tag: cheating

Magnus Carlsen was found guilty and is fined with €10k

Author: Maria Fragaki

 1024   4 mo   cheating   FIDE   fide ethics   Hans Niemann   Magnus Carlsen

Hans Niemann, the new Bobby Fischer?!

Author: Maria Fragaki

 667   4 mo   bobby fischer   cheating   Hans Niemann   Tournament of Peace

Did Hikaru Nakamura cheat online?

Author: Maria Fragaki

 403   4 mo   Breaking News   cheating   cheating online   home   Main feature   Vladimir Kramnik

Hans Niemann is “likely” over after new cheating evidence

A 72 page report by chesscom, initially revealed by The Wall Street Journal, showed that Hans Niemann has “likely cheated” more than 100 times online, but there is still a lack of concrete statistical...

 12386   2022   Breaking News   cheating   Hans Niemann   Magnus Carlsen   Main feature
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