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Who is the next challenger? Happy Birthday Nepo

What should you absolutely know about the next challenger?

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The Queen’s Gambit did for Chess what Rocky did for Boxing

In his interview with the Live Breakdown Show, Ilya Merenzon, the CEO of World Chess, discussed the impact that The Queen’s Gambit has had on chess...

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Time to say Dubai

The FIDE Candidates, the longest-ever chess tournament, came to an end, with Ian Nepomniachtchi being the next challenger of Magnus Carlsen

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Watching Chess The Right Way — In The Roaring Crowd

Recently, most sporting events have had few or no fans in attendance because of the pandemic, no roaring crowds and cheering spectators

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Candidates Round 13 — Nepo is the next challenger

Nepomniachtchi qualified for the World Chess Championship match against Carlsen with a draw in Round 13

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