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“WOW! I had training with Judit Polgar at the World Chess Club Berlin!”

WIM Lara Schulze along with her national teammates had a private training with GM Judit Polgar at the World Chess Club Berlin! GM Elizabeth Paehtz joined the company, and they all had a unique two-days experience!

Photo by Lara Schultze

“[...] So on Friday morning I drove to Berlin, where we met Judit at the World Chess Club. The training lasted six hours on both days and was filled with such different content that I was simply impressed. Judit told us about her career, her experiences, her successes and her experiences with Kasparov, Anand and Co. She gave us many important and interesting tips for dealing with losing games, preventing time problems and the best strategies for your own training. We talked a lot about the right mindset, self-confidence and other chess and sports psychology topics. [...] We analyzed, among other things, her win against Vishy Anand in 1998!” Lara writes in her blog.

The next day, the Emanuel Lasker Society hosted an event at the World Chess Club, where Judit was awarded the 2024 Vera Prize, and then celebrated with our Club’s chess cocktails!

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