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What’s New on FIDE Online Arena: October 2021

New features and updates for the FIDE Online Arena, the official FIDE gaming platform, are being introduced every week. Here we are keeping you up-to-date with the latest.

The board just got bigger!

The board became much bigger — the design has been updated following users’ feedback. The signature Arena interface stays the same, with the chess board in the center of the screen (just like in over-the-board games!), menu and options are on the left of the board, and the notation — on the right. The playing area looks beautiful.

Board now takes substantial part of the screen real estate and works excellent on both desktops and mobile devices

Notation works in the game review mode

When you click on the previous moves in a live or finished game, the screen changes to a game review mode — a dark board with ‘game review’ on top so you know that you are not looking at a live position. The mode changes to ‘live’ whenever a move is made.

Chat is back

Now chats are available in both tournaments and individual games. Chat technology is completely rebuilt and is now based on Amazon’s system. In tournaments, chat is available in the lobby (only players who are registered for the tournament can post messages). In individual games, chat is available under options. When you receive a message, a smart indicator alerts you on the message but does not disrupt the view and your game.

Game history in players’ profiles is better structured

Now game history in your profile is structured in a convenient way — you see the most recent games at the top, and the rest of the history is grouped by week and month. You can still see individual games when you want to, but you can also see your results and rating changes by week and month.

Broadcasts: New Feature

You can now follow top over-the-board events on World Chess under the Watch section. Follow live events, and soon you will be able to stream your own events on World Chess as well. Contact us if you’d like to stream your event now.

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