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What’s New on FIDE Online Arena — June 2021

New features and updates for the FIDE Online Arena, the official FIDE gaming platform, are being introduced every week. Here we are keeping you up-to-date with the latest:

Active game widget that follows you around the platform

Sometimes when you are deep into a game and waiting for an opponent’s move (especially in longer time controls) you want to visit the platform’s lobby or see other games or profiles. Now you can — a useful widget with the last move indicator will follow you around and you can track your opponent’s move. When you are ready to return to the game, use the ‘go back to the game’ button on the widget.

0:11 Widget appears

Changes in the top-level menu

Now the menu reflects the platform’s structure. The Arena tab has a useful sub-menu that makes it easy to navigate the platform. You can choose between single games and tournaments. More options will be available soon.

New avatar for those who didn’t upload a profile photo

Now those who didn’t yet upload their profile photo will have a new friendly avatar — a reminder that it’s always a good idea to upload a photo and show your fellow members who they are playing against!

Reminders in the mail

If you register in a tournament, we will send you a friendly reminder that the tournament will start soon. You will receive the reminder 30 minutes before the tournament so you have time to prepare and make sure your interment is stable. Good luck in the tournament.

Register for free and play on FIDE Online Arena. You can always upgrade to play for the official FOA rating recognized by FIDE and have a go at the official Arena titles!

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