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What’s New in FIDE Online Arena?

We are building FIDE Online Arena as more than just another place to enjoy chess — we are building a launch site for chess players’ careers online. Many players come to FIDE Online Arena for the official FIDE-recognized ratings and titles but also for design and attention to detail that made the biggest events in the sport — like the World Chess Championship matches — so exciting.

We at World Chess, the company that are responsible for FIDE Online Arena, have been developing the platform and releasing updates, but the changes mostly have been under the hood. As of this moment, all releases and updates will be public and we also invite everyone to submit comments and feedback (and of course, suggest features!). We will also publish a list of features that are coming soon so you know what to expect and also have an opportunity to provide your opinion on the upcoming features before they are released.

New Features

All Arena titles are now visible in your FIDE profile
Once you receive the Arena title, it appears on your FIDE profile as well. It also applies to Arena members whose paid membership has expired, because the Arena titles, just like other FIDE titles, are given for life, regardless of the membership status. (You still need a pro-membership to earn the title, and we highly recommend it — it’s very motivating and very much helps to improve your game).

Player connection status display
An indicator showing your and your opponent’s connection and alerts when the connection is lost, because you need to be aware of this ASAP. You will also be alerted if we detect a sign-in from a different tab or device: because of anti-cheating rules and security, there should be only one connection to your account, but we give you a very simple way to reconnect to the existing connection by pressing a button inside the alert. Currently, this feature is visible only for single games, and will be available in tournaments shortly.

Deciseconds (one tenth of a second) in time-trouble
Once your clock is down to 20 seconds, it will start a countdown in deciseconds, because it can be important for the players, and because it can help you time your moves right. When the countrown hits 15 seconds, you will also hear a sound signal and the clock will turn red to let you know that you are almost out of time.

Check and review other players’ profiles
Click on your opponent and you will be able to review their profile and recent games. Also, share your own profile and showcase your recent accomplishments, including the official Arena and FIDE titles. You can also change or add data to your profile. Please note that some profiles are locked (there is a little lock to show that) because the data is connected to FIDE. Reach out to us if you need to change it.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

— Lag compensation improvements — we compensate for the time that takes for the server to send data to your device: you will probably not notice this, but this gives you assurance that you have all the time allocated for the game, just like in over-the-board play.

— Smooth Chess Board animation

— The list of online tournaments will appear in your profile. You can also use this to download the certificates for the tournaments.

— The platform will also remember your preferences regarding your opponents rating, so you don’t need to set it anew unless you want to change it.

— Matching algorithm improvements — you will be able to find opponents sooner

— Stability improvements and optimization

What’s Coming Soon?

Revolutionary human-like chess bots
Super-smart technology allowed us to develop bots that are playing just like humans. It’s not an algorithm, but a system that acts and plays like a human. If it could talk, it would crack jokes! So when you hit ‘play against a bot’ you will have an actual computer-generated human opponent.

PGNs will have time-stamps
Time-stamps for each move, giving you a more accurate tool for analysis and improvement. All PGNs are already available for download right after the game or in your profile.

Here is a the full update on features in Notion

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