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Top Players from FIDE Online Arena Included in 2700Chess Live Ratings

Front page of 2700chess, an influential website that calculates and publishes chess players’ live ratings, will publish live ratings from FIDE Online Arena, the official FIDE gaming platform. Ratings will be updated hourly and will include the top 100 players from the Arena.

The step is important for the sport, because it recognizes the value of online chess, which especially grew during the pandemic. FIDE Online Arena accords online ratings recognized by FIDE and provides a professional playing environment with rigorous fair play rules and KYC requirements — in order to play for the official FOA rating points, a player must complete the same KYC procedure that is required for other-the-board play.

2700chess added the Online tab to their main page and includes the player’s information and link to their FIDE and Arena profiles. The collaboration between the Arena and 2700chess was announced in a tweet:

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