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Rebranding Kerala

World Chess continues to make chess beautiful again, one club at a time!

This year, World Chess called on chess clubs and federations to submit their institution for a free design makeover by our design team (you are welcome to submit your chess club or federation!). Dozens of submissions later, we are picking those who, in our view, would benefit from the facelift. Next up is the Kerala Chess Association in India.

The Kerala Chess Association is affiliated with the All India Chess Federation, with more than 400 members. Its mission is to identify upcoming chess players and mould them into world-class professionals. They organize the State Chess Championships every year. For a long time, their logo has been a gold crowned knight, one of the most powerful symbols of chess culture.

World Chess’ creative team decided to take the knight down a notch (crowns are out of vogue!) but kept it as a formative element. Designers gave this piece a more specific character, so now it’s part of the very colorful and structured layout that captures your attention and gives weight to the messaging.

The knight is not a simple sign on a plain surface. It seems to be placed at the top of the construction resembling the Louvre museum, standing, in fact, on the chessboard that is rushing upward. Along with going inventive with geometry and perspective, the team chose bright and warm colours that can be used separately or in colour-block combinations.

The font highlights and links together the knight’s juicy shape and the strict lines of the chessboard.

All these elements of the new design, such as logo, colors, fonts, dynamic geometry are not only welcoming and friendly but also recognizable for their simplicity and elegance. It is a working tool ready to be applied in various professional environments.

Comment on the design and submit your clubs for rebranding!

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