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Rebranding Hyenas — An African Club You Will Actually Want to Join

World Chess is making chess beautiful one chess club at a time.

A month ago we invited the chess clubs of the world to apply for a free design facelift by our design team (submit your chess club or federation!). It was an attempt to save the sport from a faceless, boring, and humorless design that has been tormenting chess for decades.

After rummaging through the submissions, we found lots of exceptional chess clubs and institutions (many of which, may we add, have excellent names). There are Shiva’s Academy of Chess from India, Dubai Chess & Culture Club from UAE, and Canadian Aurora Chess Club.

For our inaugural rebranding, we are happy to present Hyenas Chess Club — an African chess club that has 10,000 members.

In the next several weeks, World Chess and FOA will offer clubs an opportunity to create their own page, events, and membership roster — a requested feature for clubs and organizations. Watch this space, comment on the design, and submit your clubs for rebranding.

The club logo is versatile and can be adjusted based on the requirements of the format. The logo lands nicely on a large surface
One can carry a chess set around in a branded shopper
Posters will look good as a stand-alone marketing item or part of the merchandise collection
The logo lands itself well on stationary
The logo looks appealing in a horizontal poster
The sign is an important part of the club’s branding. Very inviting.
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