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Kasparov Says Ding Liren is the Favorite To Win the Candidates

‘Just look at his games’ says Garry Kasparov, the former World Chess Champion and the ultimate expert on the game. In the interview with Anna Rudolph for the eponymous chess channel, Kasparov gave his list of players with the best chances to win the event. Ian Nepomniachtchi, the winner of the previous Candidates Tournament, is not on it.

Ding Liren in the 2018 Candidates Tournament

Kasparov’s list

Ding Liren — Why? Just look at his games

Fabiano Caruana — the most experience

Jan Krzysztof Duda — Young and ambitious player who could withstand pressure. He also held his own against Carlsen during the World Cup tiebreakers.

The Candidates Tournament, the final qualifier to the World Chess Championship Match, is held in Madrid, Spain, on June 16 — July 5, 2022. Top eight players play in an intense double round robin event (all play all twice), and the winner will become the challenger for the title of the World Chess Champion.

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raven 2022

ding is the fav, yes.