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GM Valentina Gunina triumphs at the Queens Wednesday Tournament again!

In the latest edition of the Swiss Queens Wednesday, held on the digital battlegrounds of FIDE Online Arena, GM Valentina Gunina emerged victorious, etching her name for the second time in the top ranks of this innovative online chess event.

With a resounding score of 9.5/11, GM Valentina Gunina showcased not only her mastery of the game but also her unwavering determination to succeed. Facing off against a formidable lineup of opponents including the likes of GM Alexandra Kosteniuk, GM Nino Batsiashvili, IM Aleksandra Maltsevskaya, IM Alina Kashlinskaya, and IM Shuvalova Polina, Gunina demonstrated her ability to navigate the complexities of each match with precision and finesse.

As the dust settled and the final moves were made, GM Valentina Gunina emerged as the undisputed champion, claiming not only victory but also a prize of $300. Her stellar performance was complemented by the impressive displays of her fellow competitors, with IM Alina Kashlinskaya securing the second position and IM Aleksandra Maltsevskaya taking the third spot.

Looking ahead, the QueensWednesday Tournament promises more thrilling action, more fierce competition, and more opportunities for players to showcase their talents on the global stage. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a casual observer, the allure of chess knows no bounds, and the Queens Wednesday Tournament stands as a beacon of excitement and anticipation in the ever-evolving world of chess.

So mark your calendars, set your clocks, and prepare to witness greatness unfold once again as the Queens Wednesday Tournament returns to FIDE Online Arena, on March 27th at 17:00 CET.

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