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GM Anish Giri: “My weakness is that I can’t lie”

GM Anish Giri gave an exclusive interview to WGM Dina Belenkaya and talked about his weaknesses, his favorite YouTube channels, his friendship with Vidit Gujrathi; books, politics, food, trash-talking, and his future plans.

The interview started with Dina showing Anish an old photo of him playing on a train! The Dutch GM recognized it and added: “When I was small I had a friend with whom we would even play on the phone! I think these interactions early in your career are very helpful because such high doses of chess can accelerate the growth”.

On the books he has written, Anish admitted that he is not sure if he should do it because “you normally write books after your career, but it was an interesting little experience”! On the “After Magnus” book though, Anish said that it was entirely an idea of New in Chess Magazine and added: “Usually when I don’t like something and they ask me to do it, I’m too lazy to say no! I think that sometimes it’s easier to accept things and just do it like this book. I have no emotional attachment to this book!”

Later Dina challenged Anish when he asked him which are his strengths and weaknesses as a chess player. “This is very difficult because even if I knew, I wouldn’t reveal them to you” Anish responded! Eventually, he said that one of the things he pays close attention to is preparation and his weakness – that is happy to give away – is that he can’t lie!

Moving on with the interview, Anish talked a lot – literally a lot! – about food, said that he watches streams to be in touch with the youth, individuated Hikaru, BotezLive, and Vidit as the 3 top streamers right now, and highlighted that the Indian language is best for trash talking!

There would not be a Dina-Anish interview if there was not a question on his friendship with Vidit in which Anish said: “At the end of the day when it comes to Vidit, I will always be able to forgive him for whatever wrong he does!”

Watch the whole interview here.

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