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FIDE Online Arena Makes a Move To a New Domain:

Finally, a domain name that you can actually remember!

FIDE Online Arena on the new domain,

FIDE Online Arena, the official FIDE gaming platform, is busy with getting chess fans to give it a try, but for years we’ve made users trying to remember a very odd domain name. But we learned the lesson and there will be no more of that. Hence a new domain, easy to remember and easy to type in your browser (and on a mobile device).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FIDE Online Arena the same as FIDE?
No, FIDE is the International Chess Federation and FIDE Online Arena is the exclusive official FIDE Gaming Platform. It’s approved by FIDE.

Is FOA rating the same as FIDE rating?
Nο, they are not the same. FIDE rating is awarded by playing over-the-board games, and FOA rating is awarded by playing online on FIDE Online Arena. FOA Rating is recognized by FIDE and you can qualify for online Arena titles as per FIDE regulations. The FOA title and FOA ratings appear on your profile card on

Are there any FOA Rated Tournaments?
Plenty! Visit and pick the one that fits your schedule and time control preferences.

Do you have an Android app?
Not yet, but we’re working on it! Meanwhile, you can use the mobile version of our website ;)

Where can I see FOA rating on the website?
FOA rating is presented on the website in the player’s profiles. But don’t forget that, an influential website that calculates and publishes chess players’ live ratings, publishes live ratings from the top 100 FOA players!

What if I’m facing a technical issue?
You can always contact, and our support team will be right there for you!

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