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Elon Musk calls Garry Kasparov a “douche” and “an idiot”. All because of his peace plan

Elon Musk called chess player Garry Kasparov an idiot for criticizing his plan to reconcile Russia and Ukraine.

Kasparov, former World Chess Champion criticized the head of Tesla in an interview with CNBC, condemning Musk’s peaceful settlement of the situation around Ukraine (where Crimea is part of Russia, repeat referendums in the occupied territories are required). “o why are people sitting in the comfort of their Silicon Valley mansions telling Ukraine how to run their own business?” – Kasparov said.

Musk’s remarks angered him:

“And I don’t even own a house, let alone a ‘mansion’, you douche” — added the businessman.

In the same thread, Musk said that he doesn’t really like chess because of its simplicity, lack of “fog of war”, only two players, lack of a “technology tree”, and “no random map or spawn position”.

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