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Dominguez: Chess is traumatic sometimes

In an exclusive interview with World Chess and WGM Dina Belenkaya, Leinier Dominguez talked about the traumas in professional chess, broke down his chess career, acknowledged the most important things in his life, and explained more about his preparation for the Grand Prix.

The Cuban-born American GM, Leinier Dominguez had a – more of a – conversation with DIna, showing his calm and funny side, as well as his high sense of professionalism.

Dominguez said that he plays online but he prefers offline tournaments because of their atmosphere. Additionally, he noticed that online tournaments will make more sense if we will figure out better anti-cheating systems.

In his life, Dominguez admitted that family life and his Christian faith are the most important things for him. “Chess is traumatizing if you don’t have another part of your life to balance it” the American GM added.

About the World Championship match, Dominguez believes that Ian was too emotional during the Match and that Firouzja is the strongest opponent for Magnus!

Watch the full interview with Leinier Dominguez on the World Chess YouTube channel.

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