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CYBER ATTACK! Anish Giri was hacked on Twitter

The Dutch GM Anish Giri was hacked on Twitter on Saturday night. Apparently, the hacker attacked other grandmasters and shared some pretty nasty DMs to various accounts.

Twitter was having so much fun last night, but at the same time, everyone was so confused and worried by Giri’s mean tweets. The hacker created all kinds of conflicts, shared inappropriate and sexualized info about GMs, and supposedly exposed some of the “darkest chess secrets”.

Meanwhile, Giri was trending No.8 on India’s Twitter with fans and friends confirming that that was clearly a hack!

Anish gained control of his account again this morning and informed Twitter that he was obviously hacked! He also didn’t hesitate to make fun of the situation, mentioning that “the hacker got me better engagement than my own tweets.”

If you wish to see some of the hacker’s finest moments, just follow Anish’s thread!

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