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Arjun Erigaisi wins the 2022 Tata Steel Chess Challengers Tournament with a 10,5/13 score

Indian GM Arjun Erigaisi, who had secured first place in the 2022 Tata Steel Challengers Tournament with a round to spare, collected yet another victory to finish the event with a remarkable 10,5/13 score.

Photos: © Lennart Ootes and Jurriaan Hoefsmit – Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2022

The 18-year-old GM made quite an impression at the Challengers, where he finished undefeated, with eight wins and five draws. With this triumph, Erigaisi qualified for next year’s Tata Steel Masters Group and Carlsen is excited about him.

“He is going to be 2700 soon. He is by far the best player (in the Challengers) and he really plays chess in a way that I enjoy!” Carlen said about the young GM.

In the last round, Erigaisi won against Maurizzi, and achieved his 10.5 points goal, as his coach GM Srinath Narayanan revealed on Twitter.

Erigaisi is the fourth Indian after Harikrishna, Adhiban, and Vidit to win the Tata Steel Challengers event, and the former World Champion Viswanathan Anand wrote on Twitter: “Congrats to Arjun on such a smooth and strong performance! He has been with us in WACa and we are so proud to see him win two Tata Steel events on two continents!! Well done.”

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